You know when

You know when you don't sleep before you have a long flight—
I guess a bit of pre-boarding jitters,
Not so much that you're afraid of heights, or turbulence,
But because of that anxiety of leaving one place for another
Because you wont be back for a while... (In fact you don't know exactly if or when you're returning)
And...I don't know, you want to make sure you see all your friends
Pack up all your things, things for the plane, things for when you land,
Get to the airport on time...follow the TSA codes of traveling with liquid, whatever,

And you're finally in the air
They serve you a meal, (it's salty, but you eat it anyway with refills on wine)
Then they dim the overhead lights
And you watch a great film, to the end, completely absorbed...
At the end, credits start rolling, and you hear a great soundtrack
Song you've never heard (you don't listen to new music so much anymore; too many gadgets to upgrade)
But the voice you recognize
Suddenly you feel really moved and sentimental,
You're left with a million thoughts,
And that prickly, restless feeling from insomnia and too many hours being sedentary
But you're stuck in your seat
After all, where can you go?
Flying some thousands of feet above the ground

...And there goes that turbulence again. Do I feel alone? All the time. Even when I'm not alone.

I Talk

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Helmut Lang embodied the spirit and attitude that felt...undressed/dressed (trying to avoid the word 'minimal' these days). It could seem austere, but it presented an air of sex and tension that would prove otherwise. The namesake perfume carries that scent and idea. It is going to be re-issued this year (it was discontinued in 2005 following Lang's departure).

Tom & Jean

Hi! Backstage at GROUNDWAVE, SS15

After two years of hiatus, I returned to Seoul Fashion Week SS15 this season. My favorite part, besides being treated well and getting opening and/or closing slots of most of the six shows I walked (because, let's be honest, what model wouldn't want that?), was spotting the Vogue Korea team who was carrying around plastic dolls, named Tom and Jean. Dressed in high-fashion doll outfits according to supporting designers, Tom and Jean were the male and female guest editors for the magazine.

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved plastic dolls...and you can see my apparent excitement in Jeremy's SS15 Moschino show, which played a literal fashion homage to Barbie. Also the fact that I gladly participated in being shot in every. single. show. during Seoul Fashion week with Tom & Jean.

See the entire feature in series on the Vogue Korea website.

Kissing Tom backstage



Vogue-ing with Tom backstage at KYE SS15

Jean stole my look! With friends after KYE show


An Invitation

산책을 하고, 차를 마시고
책을 보고, 생각에 잠길 때
요즘엔 뭔가 텅 빈 것 같아

지금에 난 누군가 필요한 것 같아
친구를 만나고, 전화를 하고

밤새도록 깨어 있을 때도
문득 자꾸만 네가 생각나

모든 시간 모든 곳에서 난 널 느껴

내게로 와 줘

내 생활 속으로
너와 같이 함께라면 모든게 새로울 거야
매일 똑같은 일상이지만
너와 같이 함께라면 모든게 달라질 거야

서로에 대해 거의 모든 걸 지켜보며 알게 된다는게
말처럼 그리 쉽진 않겠지, 그렇지만 난 준비가 된 것 같아
너의 대답을 난 기다려도 되겠니

난 내가 말할 때 

귀 기울이는 너의 표정이 좋아
내 말이라면 어떤 거짓 허풍도

믿을 것 같은 그런 진지한 얼굴
네가 날 볼 때마다 난 내 안에서 

설명할 수 없는 기운이 느껴져
네가 날 믿는 동안에는 어떤 일도 

해낼 수 있을 것 같은 기분이야
이런 날 이해하겠니

해가 저물면 

둘이 나란히 지친 몸을 서로에 기대며
그 날의 일과 주변 일들을 얘기하다
조용히 잠들고 싶어

—신해철, 일상으로의 초대
   고인의 명복을 빕니다. 


“Closing your eyes isn't going to change anything. Nothing's going to disappear just because you can't see what's going on. In fact, things will even be worse the next time you open your eyes. That's the kind of world we live in. Keep your eyes wide open. Only a coward closes his eyes. Closing your eyes and plugging up your ears won't make time stand still.”