Icarus was a character, a name
Chasing the sun, boy you are the same
9 am there and 9 am again
Some cryptic myth a puzzle of refrain

 And time it meant nothing
To a traveller for the time being
Shuttled in a capsule of a thing
Where everything felt the same
And they even knew your name

Joy Of Being You

“The greatest tragedy of this time is that we are all trying to find God outside of ourselves. The reality is that God is inside. God is within us and therefore we have to act like God's existence. One of the greatest human weaknesses is that we want to impress others. Once we start impressing ourselves it's nirvana. We are redeemed, we are free, and we get whatever we want. That day you will find you are you and the very joy of being you is a most precious joy. It will take away all your suffering and your pain." — Yogi Bhajan

I am a born-and-raised Catholic. When I turned an adult, however, my parents gave me the choice to observe and celebrate whatever spiritual faith I believe in. I have never been the one to try and preach or be holy; I live my life as best as I can, but fall into flawed, ungratifying behaviors at times...I am just a human being. I do, however, find that it never hurts to live day by day, to embrace things that come at me with open arms. 

All the world's a stage

"...We act the way we do because of a certain logic of events...but there are lots to our different roles within the world, and we can choose which one to play, and how to play it. We're all actors, not angels or completely free agents. But we are looking for applause, so we put on the best show we can."

—‘The Outside Game’ in Jan 12, 2015 issue of the New Yorker by Adam Gopnik, about Howie Becker, the piano-playing sociologist whose most well known for his research on "deviance."