Peek A Boo

   May 2015 was a manic whirlwind. I flew from NY to Seoul, to Melbourne, to Sydney, to Dubai to Paris, to Cannes, then back to NY. This all in 24 days. I worked every day except four. I'm sure girls fly and work as much as I do, if not more, but this...was definitely a tough one.

   We shot this story straight after Chanel Cruise show in Seoul. I was in bad shape, with insomnia and terrible stomach ache, and I had a call time the next morning at 6AM. I don't even remember much except trying not to cry because I was so ill. And especially because the photographer was so nice and enthusiastic about being in Seoul and capturing great moments...I felt disappointed in myself for being incapable of performing. That is the worst place for your mind to be. When you start spiraling down the self-loathing, self-pity hole, shit gets really dark and it's hard to control the situation. I try to avoid going there altogether, except when I'm over-exhausted--I get very emotional.

    The photos turned out lovely, though. I don't even look sick. Maybe pictures turn out better when you're fighting some sort of internal struggle. I don't know. I just want to be strong.


for M Le Magazine du Monde photographed by Pari Dukovic, styled by Yasmine Eslami. 
Makeup by Gregoris Pyrpylis

Fearless American

Mary Ellen Mark passed away a couple days ago. Her website has an incredible catalog of moments she has captured from all over the world spanning over four decades. I admire her fearlessness in confronting the gritty roads of life. Rest in peace.

MARCH 26, 2015.

So much to catch up on!

It's been a joyous year so far. Remember when I wrote that I had a good feeling about 2015? Well my witchy sense was on point, because in January, during couture season in Paris, I was offered an exclusive global spokesmodel contract with L'Oréal Paris. Fast forward to my birthday, March 26, a timely announcement date for a major news!!!

I really, really can't express in words how fortunate and thrilled I am to be chosen to represent beauty and confidence for the #1 Global beauty brand in the world. I know I sound really cheesy, but never in my entire life have I ever thought that I would have this opportunity. Me, some shy, awkward kid that was born in Seoul and found herself struggling to figure out what I wanted with my life in suburban California! Global spokesmodel! Saying "Because we're worth it" like a power mantra! 

There are hundreds of gorgeous, wonderful models--thousands of beautiful, talented women out there--and I'm the lucky duck that gets to have this honor...when I first heard this great news from my agents in Paris, I realized this, and I cried. I walked out of the agency, and on my walk back to my friend's flat, I kept crying. I was supposed to pick up some toilet paper for my friend, and I was crying by myself in some Parisian supermarket aisle looking for toilet paper! Ha!

With this prestigious position, I hope to reach out to help and support. I want to do what I can to make the world I live in a better place. Jees, that's corny. But it really is coming from my heart...and thank every one of you. 

And with that saccharine, sentimental speech is a complementary self-promotion. Hey, take it or leave it, it's my blog. xx


Icarus was a character, a name
Chasing the sun, boy you are the same
9 am there and 9 am again
Some cryptic myth a puzzle of refrain

 And time it meant nothing
To a traveller for the time being
Shuttled in a capsule of a thing
Where everything felt the same
And they even knew your name